Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bryan is here!

We went to pick up Bryan last night. We also got his sister to come home for the weekend. When we got there he ran out to the car and gave us a big hug and said that he missed us so much!! It was so good to see him again.

On our way home we passed the drive-in in Gatesville and decided to stop. We got to see Indiana Jones. Bryan thought it was really neat that the sound comes in your radio. We had a great time and it was perfect weather. We got home around 11:30. When he got here he had to run all over the house and make sure that everything was the same. He asked if Kylee was walking yet (she was asleep when we got home). We said no but that she could yell and make razoos.

Bryan gets to stay until Tuesday. I didn't realize how much I missed him until I saw him again. Now he gets to start coming home once a month and since it is summer he can stay for a week next time. I'm not looking forward to Tuesday when he has to go back, but I know that is the right thing to do.

I will try to post some pictures next week!

Friday, May 23, 2008

God provides!

As most of you know Kylee had a nine day stay in the NICU when she was born. We were sweating the medical bills, but we had more important things on our mind. I quickly added her to my insurance so I knew that she would be covered no matter what happened. We got her bill in the mail. Ten pages later we found the total, over $37,000! It said everything was still pending with insurance. We got a bill this month for $1,000. I called S&W and asked them if that was the total that we owed. They said that it was our copay. I thought not bad for such a big bill. Then today we got a refund check from our tax appraisal that will cover a third of it. God always provides!

Way to go Daddy!

Jonathan works at John Deere and they have to be open year round. When there is a holiday, half the staff gets the holiday off and the other half gets the day before off. So Jonathan had today off and I have Monday off. So my mom left last night and Jonathan kept Kylee all day by himself. I was worried that he might be nervous, but he seemed fine. He called while I was still at school to ask when I would be home. I asked what was wrong and he said that he was ready to take a nap. Ha! Shouldn't I get to be the one who takes the nap?

He said that Kylee had only slept for 30 minutes at a time and he never got to take a nap. I understood that. I asked how many bottles she had and he said 4. 4! That's a lot since she usually only has 3. But at least she was well taken care of. Besides, she's got to keep her rolls up.

Jonathan is still looking for a job so please keep us in your prayers. He has gotten a few calls back, but they are either paying too little or they want someone with more experience. He might just have to continue in the parts department for a while longer. He is really liking his new shift, 6:30-4:00. He gets home at the same time I do and we actually get to spend some time together with Kylee.

Not much else is going on with us. We are still trying to find a weekend that Bryan can come home. They are going to a lot of camps so it is hard to find a free weekend. I am hoping that maybe next weekend will work out. We sure do miss him.

School is winding down. I took a few things off my wall yesterday. It is kind of sad that I am leaving b/c I really do like my job. But I am looking forward to staying home with my sweet Kylee. I've heard it is the greatest job in the world and I can't wait to start.

I hope all of you are doing well :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lots of Stuff

Sorry it has been so long since I updated, here are some snippets of what has been going on....
  • We are in Dallas with Karen and Scott this weekend and we are having a blast. If we do have to move for a job, I hope it is here!
  • Kylee got her shots on Friday and did very well. Daddy got there right before she was about to get them so that was nice to not have to do it by myself again. Kylee is up to 15 lbs! No wonder my back hurts :)
  • Kylee also went to the doctor on Tuesday and was diagnosed with acid reflux. They started her on Zantac and she has been a new baby. She was a very fussy baby before (because she was in pain) and now she smiles a lot more and spits up a lot less. We actually enjoy our evenings with her more
  • My friend Kristi kept Kylee the past two weeks (bless her). We found out that Kylee is pretty sensitive and lets just say it...picky! I had to take one of my sheets and one of my shirts to help her sleep. Kristi was an angel and took great care of her. It was also nice to have her across the street from work. Thanks so much Kristi!! My mom is coming back this week to keep her.
  • I have to officially turn in my resignation this week. I have mixed feelings, but it is a little scary to think about the lack of income. I know somehow it will all work out and at least Kylee and I still have ins. through KISD until the end of the summer. Then we will have to switch to J's
  • Because of my resignation and the fact that I will no longer have a computer, we went to the Apple store yesterday and got me my own laptop. I love it!! The switch over was amazing. As soon as I turned it on it asked me if I had an old mac to transfer, I said yes and it did it for me! It only took two hours and everything looked exactly like my old mac; right down to the stickies!
  • Bryan is doing better. I talked to his house mom yesterday and she said that he is having the same issues he had with us. The main one is social. He has no problem making friends, but always seems to sabitoge them. She said that he will have to learn those skills this summer b/c he will be in such close quarters. She said to be prepared that this summer will be hard for him. Kids can be cruel, but in this situation they are the best teachers!
  • Well I know lots of other stuff has happened, but that's all I can think of for now. I hope all of you are doing well.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


We have really been missing Bryan this week. Last night Jonathan and I were watching a TV show and we were missing Bryan "flying" through the house like he always does. It used to get on our nerves, but now we miss it. I was doing laundry today and I felt like I didn't have enough to do.

We have talked to him twice. He does miss us a lot which honestly surprised me. So that reassures us that he did bond with us on some level. We can bring him home with us in six weeks and I can't wait!! Here is a conversation from the other night (abbreviated of course)

Becca: "Hi Bryan are looking forward to your weekend?"
Bryan: "Yes and Becca I don't have to go to school on Monday!"
Becca: "That's great!"
Bryan: "Its a bad weather day and I think its coming your way so you better stay in doors that day."
Becca: "That is sweet of you to think about us we will be sure to stay safe."
Becca: "Are you looking forward to your camping trip this weekend?"
Bryan: "Yes but they said that you couldn't come. I asked them if you could and they said no."
Becca: "I'm sorry that we can't come maybe we can camp out on the trampoline when you come home."
Bryan: "I have to go the bell is ringing" (I think this signifies its time for a devo)
Becca: "Okay I love you and miss you a lot!"
Bryan: "I love you so much, I love you more than the world."

Crying it out

For those of you who have met her, you know that Kylee is a strong willed child. I always thought that I would have a cuddly baby, but I soon realized that she would only be cuddly until she was strong enough to fight it. Now she always wants to be sitting up and looking around. Which is great, I'm glad that she is actively curious. But sometimes I just wish I could snuggle with her like I did when she was tiny. I secretly look forward to the feedings in the early morning because it is dark and she is sleepy so I actually get to snuggle with her.

Kylee has been a typical baby in every way. The downside was that we didn't know what typical was :) She had been staying up late at night and going to sleep somewhere around 10:30. Well that was better than midnight, but it left no time for Jonathan and I to even have a conversation. So Monday night we started letting her cry it out. It was very painful and I cried too, but after 30 minutes she was asleep. And not only was she asleep, but she slept for 10 hours!! I woke up at 4:00 panicked b/c she hadn't gotten up all night.

We do go in after 15 minutes and if she isn't asleep one of us picks her up and tells her that we love her. She holds on so tightly that I have a hard time putting her down. My sister RA told me that tip to reassure her that we were still around. Last night was one of the hardest nights because after the second cycle of 15 minutes she was still not asleep. Jonathan went in the first time and I went in the second time. But after about 35 minutes she was out. It seems to only take her 10-15 during the day for her naps, but the night time is the hardest. I think that she knows it is time to sleep and she is afraid she will miss something.

Thanks to everyone's advice that has really helped me. I knew that I would eventually have to let her cry it out, but I just wasn't ready yet. I think we waited the right amount of time and I am going to write it in her baby book so I can remember for the next baby.