Sunday, June 22, 2008


I was just watching 60 minutes trying to distract myself from Kylee's cries. They were doing a story about all of the babies in Africa that are dying from malnutrition. Every year 5 million children die from malnutrition, that's one child every six seconds. The mothers are malnourished and cannot produce enough milk for their babies. They don't have enough money to buy milk, and even if they had it, there is no electricity to store it. Powdered milk is no good because there is no clean water. So millions of babies are dying.

A group of doctors came up with a life changing "medicine" for them, plumpynut. It is vitamin concoction that can cure a kid in three weeks. It contains powdered milk, powdered sugar, peanut butter and essential vitamins. They are using it in a country called Nigere (spelling?) Most mothers there have watched at least one of their children die. They travel hours to get a week's ration. It breaks my heart to see all of those babies.

It makes me want to go and hug my Kylee's "thunder thighs" and find a way to donate to this worthwhile cause that has such awesome results.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

What a sweet hubby

Jonathan and I have begun sleep training as they call it. Jennifer J. recommended a book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child." It had some really good research on sleep training so we started last night. We have been letting Kylee "cry it out" for about a month but this is how it goes. Night routine: bath, stories, feed, songs, put to bed. After 15 minutes of crying we go in and check on her. Then we let her cry for about 20 more minutes hoping that she will go to sleep. She usually doesn't so we go back in and I let her nurse and then she finally falls asleep. Our little angel will not take a pacifier and will not be rocked to sleep. If you even try to rock her she stands up and arches her back, trying her hardest to leap out of your arms. So nursing is the only time I ever get to cuddle with her.

But back to my sweet hubby. Last night Kylee cried for an hour and 15 minutes. The new method we are trying is to teach her to fall asleep without our help. Which means that we have to let her cry for as long as it takes (our limit is a little over an hour). So last night after about 45 minutes I was really having a hard time not checking on her. Jonathan thought of an errand-he needed gas for the lawn mower. So I left and when I got back she was asleep. Tonight it happened again, he sent me for super glue. I was glad to leave.

Monday he came home from work with a bag for me. It was new pajamas. He bought them for no reason at all-what a sweetie. I am always hinting that I would love for him to surprise me with something and he finally got it. My love language is acts of service, I don't really care what he gets me, or if he gets me anything at all. It is the act of thinking of me that I treasure :)

Friday, June 20, 2008


So here are some firsts that have happened around here:
  • Kylee had her first baby food. I pureed some bananas and she loved them. She got mad when they stopped coming and tried to lick them off of her bib when she was done.

  • Kylee rolled over for the first time from her back to her tummy. Now she can go both ways. She seems to think that she can do anything now. She tried to take a nose dive off the couch yesterday so that she could reach the red carpet below. I call her my strong monkey. We had Lexie over the other day (she is 9) and she asked if Kylee was part Hulk? I think that describes her very well :)
  • Kylee is now taking her medicine straight with no milk to change the taste. What a big girl.
  • Kylee likes to type on the computer and yesterday she crawled (scooted) all the way across the bed so that she could reach my computer!
  • I got my hair cut and highlighted. I was a little scared b/c I have never had any coloring at all, but I really like it. Jonathan wasn't sure if he liked it at first, but he has come around.
That is about it for what has been going on around here. Here are some random pictures of sweet Kylee.

Oh here is something very random. The doorbell just rang. It was our mail carrier. He had an envelope for Bryan from the church. They hadn't paid enough postage so I had to give him 41 cents. Weird!

Father's Day

Happy Father's day to all of you Fathers out there. Jonathan and I went down to Austin to spend Father's day with our dads. Kylee got to go swimming for the first time with Papa. Here are some pictures!

She really loved the water. She was so laid back and relaxed. I thought she might cry b/c the water was cold, but I think she was in there for like 45 minutes. Don't worry she had a had and I bathed her in sunscreen. He had seemed very big and kept covering up her face, but that made it cute.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

For girls eyes only

So I know this might be a little weird to blog about, but here goes. My legs are cramping and I know that it is about to be that time of the month. I have lived without that time for over a year now so I am dreading its return. I just shared this with Jonathan and told him that he might need to run out and get me some tampons. To his credit, he has bought them before. In fact he would rather buy those than shaving gel for some reason. But anyhoo back to this story. So he said that he really doesn't feel like going to the store b/c it is so late and all.

He is madly going through the house from top to bottom to see if there are any tampons anywhere. He started in the bathroom, logical right. Then he looked through all of my purses. He moved on to my backpack and other various bags that he found. Now I just heard him go into the garage to have a look. Why would I keep tampons out there? So he has spent about fifteen minutes searching the house, about the same time that it would have taken him to just run up to

Saturday, June 07, 2008

She came out of the closet!

Last night we decided to let Kylee come out of the closet :) Since I have been working, we have been letting her sleep in our closet. It is very convenient since she has still been eating in the middle of the night. Now that I am not working, we decided to put her all the way across the house (remember that we have a huge house-1250 whole sq. feet). So we did our night routine with her: bath, eat, 2 stories and laid her down about 7:40. She cried for about 30 minutes and was still not asleep. So I picked her up and held her for a minute and then was ready to lay her back down. We realized that she was looking all around the room and it seemed to be keeping her up. So we hung a blanket over her windows and she laid her head down and went right to sleep! She was used to sleeping in the very dark closet.

After she had fallen asleep we heard her cd acting weird. The music was going really fast like someone was pushing the fast forward button. It was very strange. This morning we figured out what happened. Kylee scooted all the way across the bed and was pushing the buttons on the cd player with her head (Daddy had placed it in the crib with her). What a silly girl!!!

She slept all the way from 8:30-5:45! I actually got 7 hours of sleep in a row. It was great. Then I fed her and laid her back down at 6:20 and she slept until 9:00! It was a good night. Now I need to find some blackout curtains for her room.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Here are some cute pics that Karen took while we visiting them a couple of weekends ago :)

It's official

Well today was my last day at Timber Ridge! I will definitely miss my job and the people that I worked with, but I will also love being home with Kylee. I am planning to teach music at our church's preschool this fall. So that will give me some adult interaction :)

I am looking forward to doing some organizing, but I know that Kylee might not allow that to happen as much as I'd hoped.