Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Picture Update

So I know that it has been a very long time since I have posted, sorry about that. Things have been pretty busy around here. You know that post that I made about how easy it is to take care of two, well scratch that. It is very challenging!! Kylee seems to need more and more attention daily and it is hard to balance the two. I have noticed that she wants me and Jonathan to rock her to sleep for a longer and longer amount of time each night. It finally dawned on me last night that it is because she gets our total undivided attention at that time. Duh! Poor baby her world has totally changed.

Kylee does pretty well with Bailey. We had our first incident the other day where she hit her while I was nursing her. I know she was jealous because I couldn't do what she wanted me to do. I understand. I decided a time out was an appropriate punishment and then she told Bailey she was sorry and gave her a kiss.

I took Bailey to her two month appt. today. Our doctor was booked and we couldn't see him. I like this other doctor okay, but I realized today how much I really like our doctor. Bailey did pretty well. She screamed for the shots which I expected. But what I didn't plan for was the effect they would have on Kylee. She was clinging to my arm yelling "hold you Mommy!" the whole time. I know it stresses her out anytime that Bailey cries so i should have seen it coming. After it was over she grabbed her blankie and sucked on her fingers while she sat in Bailey's car seat. Bailey's stats: length: 20.9, weight: 10.14. I forgot to ask what the percentiles were. I wonder if I can find them on the internet?

So here are lots of pictures and a couple of videos that are way overdue. If you don't want to look at lots of pictures, consider this post done.

Kylee and I made some peanut butter play dough one day while Bailey was sleeping. As you can see she enjoyed the eating part!
I came in to the kitchen to find Kylee covered in powdered sugar. She exclaimed, "I cookin' Mommy!" I couldn't get mad so I just took a picture and cleaned it up :)

I put Bailey in Kylee's crib one day when I brought her in from the car. Kylee decided that she needed some toys to entertain her while she slept :)

This is one of my favorite outfits! She is 6 weeks here.
Bailey loves this little gym. She isn't quite long enough to kick the ball with her feet, but she will be soon.

Mother's Day 2010