Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random pictures

I know that the grandparents are in withdrawal when it comes to pictures, so here's to you guys!!

"Are you sure Mommy?"

Kylee is going to be Batgirl for Halloween. Big Bubba is going to be Batman :)

Kylee adores her Daddy! She wants to be just like him.

Kylee doing some very important "work."

Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's a....

We had our ultrasound on Friday morning. I got to see the specialist to make sure that everything looked good since we have the E antibody as a factor in this pregnancy. He was very nice!! He assured me that we would keep a close eye on my titers (sp?) to make sure that they don't go up. If they do we will take some more precautions. So it is one of those things where we are trying not to worry until we need to.

The doctor said that everything looks great with baby girl number 2. Jonathan wasn't able to go to the ultrasound b/c he couldn't get off of work. I was sad that he wouldn't be there, but my good friend Melissa had a great idea. We had the doctor write the sex on a piece of paper and stick it in an envelope. He even included a picture with a drawing :) Then I met Jonathan for lunch and we opened the envelope together. So even though he wasn't there, we still got to find out together and that's what matters, right?

We are still talking about names, but haven't come to agree yet. So we shall see.

We went to the pumpkin patch last week with some friends. Here are some pictures! I don't know what is wrong with my camera. Maybe I need a new one.

Bryan pulling all the girls in the wagon. We were thankful for the wagon b/c Bryan chose a very large pumpkin.

Kylee and Bubba riding the kiddie train!

Bryan competing in the duck races.

Bryan posing as a scarecrow