Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today was the day...

Kylee is three and a half. I have found that three is much more challenging than two! Now she is opinionated and can also voice it. So today it happened...we were in church and one of the elders was doing the communion devo (imagine an auditorium full of people who are intently listening to this devo). Kylee was not responding to me when I asked her to stop singing at the top of her lungs. I gave her a warning and asked if I needed to take her out to give her a spank. Of course she said no, but didn't stop the behavior. I stepped out to the aisle and snapped my fingers and told her that she needed to come with me. This is when it happened. At the top of her lungs this is what she said.

"No Mommy I don't want a spank."
"I won't talk anymore!"
"I promise I will listen."
"Mommy I just love you."
"Can't we just talk about this??"

As I was walking to the back of the auditorium I was laughing and everyone that I walked by was also laughing. So we went into the bathroom and I did spank her and we talked about her behavior. Then as I was walking back to our seat everyone was still snickering as I walked past. Just in case that wasn't bad enough. As the preacher was leaving after his sermon, he stopped by our pew to find out who it was that was protesting. I had to admit it was my Kylee. Needless to say I have heard all about it all day from everyone.

Kylee does have a sweet side as you know :) We have been working very hard to get her to not carry around her silky 24/7. In case you don't know what "silky" is a former silky robe that went with a night gown. It is purple and her absolute favorite part about it is this little bitty belt loop. She puts that pointy part right under her nose while she sucks her fingers. Silky has gotten her through a lot of tough times.

Well we are hoping to break her of sucking her fingers when she turns four so it starts by breaking her of silky. So for the last week or so we have told her that she has to leave it in her bed. We saw her doctor the other day and he told her how big girls leave their silkies in their beds. She does whatever Dr. Burke says, so that was a good start. Plus now I can blame it on Dr. Burke when she gets upset. The first couple of days I wanted to pull my hair out, but it is better now. I have to remind her to go put it back on her bed, but there is very little protesting. Little Bailey knows that purple silky belongs to Kylee and brought it out of her room the other day and handed it to Kylee. It was the sweetest thing ever. I let Kylee keep it for about 10 minutes.

Here are some much needed updated pics of Kylee

 At the zoo
 This ice cream is so good, it takes me to another place!
 She only thought she was going to get out of a picture with her mommy!

 Playing at the Salado creek
 Sisters watching Busytown Mysteries. Notice silky in hand and sister has her silky blanket too
 Playing pretty pretty princess with her daddy

Friday, July 22, 2011

Where has the time gone?

So Bailey is 16 months old and I think I have only blogged about her a handful of times. So this post is for you, miniature! She is getting so big and has such a great personality. We really got to see her personality come out when big sister went to spend a couple of days with Grandma and Bailey stayed home with us. She actually has a great sense of humor and loves to interact with us!!

At her 15 month appt we found out that she was in the 5 percentile for height (no surprise), but only the 25 for weight. The doctor didn't seem concerned, but I explained how Bailey just doesn't eat. She has always been picky. She NEVER at any baby food to speak of.  I tried everything, homemade, mixed with other things, cold, hot, you name it. Here are the few things that she will eat: oatmeal, cereal, apple slices (she just started those), yogurt puffs, yogurt covered raisins, gogurt if she is in the mood (won't go near regular yogurt bc she can't hold it), soft pretzels, rolls, corn, green beans (if she is in the mood), gerber spaghettio rings, mac and cheese and sweets. That may sound like a lot, but you have to remember that she might eat one of these foods one night and not touch it for another week. For a while she loved hot dogs. Every time I made her one she would eat it. Now she won't touch them.So hardly any fruit or vegetables. I put our dinner in front of her every night and she shakes her head no!

She will not come anywhere close to juice. This doesn't really bother me since I don't see the point in giving your kids juice if they will drink water. And I have to warm her milk in the microwave for 30 seconds before she will drink it. I now put half pediasure and milk in her bottle/sippy cup in the morning and at night to give her some extra vitamins. But man is that stuff expensive. I think I would rather give her formula!

Bailey absolutely adores her big sister, except when she wants something that Kylee doesn't want to give her. The sometimes play in Kylee's room for minutes at a time, its very sweet. Bailey talks a lot, but we don't always understand it. She can say more and please in sign language and sometimes it breaks your heart because she will say please for something that she can't have. She often comes and says please to me and starts walking towards the kitchen. She gets me to follow her and open the pantry where she will hand me pediasure! lol! You want to give it to her just because she is so cute. Here are the words that you can understand: shoe, Daddy, no-no, mama, well and that's about it. LIke I said, she talks a lot but you just have no clue what she is saying. She says pat pat a lot. We aren't sure if that is for patty cake or to watch tv. She seems to say it and point to the ipod in the car. But then she also does it while clapping and rolling her hands. Who knows?
 Sister in the bath!

 Some time for reflection at the zoo!

 Do I have to be on here?

 One of the few pictures where I am in it!

 Silly Daddy

 Playing in the Salado creek. I don't think she likes how dirty the water is

 My own serving of ice cream!

 See Mommy I can drive!!

Happy 4th of July!