Saturday, August 30, 2008

Brother is home!

Kylee and I went to go get Bryan yesterday. The trip to Stephenville is about 2 hours and Kylee did very well. She slept most of the way there. When we got there Bryan was very excited to show her off to all of his housemates. He said that she looked a little too heavy for him to hold :) On the way home he was a great big brother! He fed her a bottle, gave her puffs and tried to entertain her when she got bored. It rained most of the way home, but we still made good time.

Friday night we had Bryan's favorite, pizza! Then we all played with the building blocks and legos together while watching Pirates of the Caringbing (as Bryan says it). We went to bed by ten. Bryan was still ready to stay awake, but us old people told him we had to call it a night.

This morning Jonathan had to go to work so Bryan and I enjoyed scrambled eggs (another of his favorites) and morning cartoons. Here is a picture of him and sis watching Spongebob!

As most of you know I was planning on being a band director after college, so somehow I started to inherit instruments. I have the following: flute, piccolo, saxophone, trombone, french horn, coronet, and clarinet. Bryan was playing them today and Kylee decided to join in.

Jonathan got home about 2:30 from work and sat down to eat lunch. Then about 2:35 he got a call from a farmer needing parts (he is on call this weekend). So we all loaded up to head to John Deere. Bryan loves to ride the gators there and we were planning to run some errands afterward. Bryan drove the gator and he did very well. I was the cautious mom and wouldn't let him go in reverse, but he exceeded my expectations. I told him he would be ready to drive when he is SIXTEEN! Kylee crawled around all over John Deere and got a thorough bath with wipes afterward.

We headed to Target and Bryan got a set of legos to take back home with him. He and Jonathan are building it right now. I think it is an airplane/spaceship. While we were in Target Kylee got very hungry and we had to buy some emergency puffs. She is always content once she is eating! I will leave you with some more cute pictures!

"Is Daddy home yet?"

"Mommy did you hear me?"

Papa and Kylee...once again eating!

"Is there something wrong with my hair?"

"Mommy hold me!"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Brayn and other stuff

Bryan gets to come home this weekend!! He hasn't been home since the beginning of July. He was supposed to get to come home in August, but there was some mix-up with his schedule and disappointingly he was unable to come home at all :( So Kylee and I are going to get him tomorrow. I hope that if I leave when her nap is supposed to start, she might sleep most of the way there. I know, I know...wishful thinking. But we have never made the trip without Daddy so I am a little nervous. Bryan can leave at 3:30 and J doesn't get off until 5:30 so he will be home when we get back. I can't wait to see the little guy!!

Please keep him in your prayers as school is very difficult with him. He not only has social problems, but academic ones as well. His teacher found him curled up in a ball under his desk during silent reading. My guess is that he is very overwhelmed. His 2nd grade teacher had the class read out loud and with his dyslexia, that was probably quite a bit easier. We are having a 504 on Wednesday so I am hoping that we can come up with a plan to help him. It makes me just want to bring him home so I can protect him. But we are trying to remember why we placed him and all the progress that he has made.

In other news Kylee is pulling up on everything. She is doing quite well. She thinks about crusing, but hasn't venture away from standing yet. She doesn't cry when she falls anymore so that is good. She hasn't been taking good naps though. I am leaving her in the crib even if she doesn't sleep so I can get stuff done or at least have a break. Hopefully this is just a phase!!

Here are some of her 6 month pics. Courtesy of Barefeet Photography!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

7 months

Kylee turned 7 months on the 12th of this month. Its crazy how fast the months have flown by. I never knew I could love someone so much!! Here are some of my favorite things about Kylee at 7 months.
  • The way that she loves to eat. She loves almost any solids. I have to shovel it in so that she doesn't fuss for more. Sometimes she cries when it is all gone.

  • Seeing her smile when Daddy gets home.

  • The way that she crosses her legs while she nurses. She is such a lady

  • The way she is so proud of herself when she figures out how to pull up on something.

  • Her smile when I get her up in the morning. She looks like she is thinking, "There you are!"

  • Nursing her at 4 AM. (Okay I don't always love this, but most of the time I treasure it) After she finishes eating she pulls off and I get to rock and cuddle with her while she sleeps. I hope this isn't too graphic, but I call this her "I'm in heaven" look.

  • Her kicking legs. She just started kicking her legs last week to show that she is excited. Now when we are running her bath she kicks and squeals.

  • The way that she crawls across the room to climb in my lap.

  • The blessing that she is in our lives. We love you sweetie!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Allen, TX

Last Friday afternoon we packed up and headed to Allen, TX to see my Karen and Scott's new house (sister and brother-in-law). My parents joined us so somehow we squeezed five people and all of Kylee's luggage into our rodeo! Kylee was pretty good for the trip, but got really fussy once we got into Dallas. Nothing would make her happy so we put her favorite Baby Einstein's into the computer and she was a happy camper. Here is a picture of her watching it on her lap! I always said I would never let my kids watch TV in the car. I guess I ate my words.

Karen and Scott have a dog named Wallace and Kylee absolutely loved him! She was always smiling at him and would follow him around all over the house. Yes she followed him! She is finally crawling for real. Sometimes she still crawls on her feet, but she can also crawl on her knees. I can't believe how big she is!! Here is a picture of Wallace. I got some video of them together, but I don't know how to load it yet. Stay tuned.

My mom and I decided to stay in Allen for a couple of extra days to help Karen unpack. Jonathan and my Dad had to get back to work so they left and my mom and I were planning to take the train home. But there was some sort of accident in Missouri and the train derailed. All of the the rides were very delayed and projected to take 2 extra hours. That would make our ride of 5 hours into 7! That is too long for Kylee, not to mention Mommy. That would mean that she would be in my lap for 7 hours. NOT A GOOD IDEA! So we decided to rent a car. When we called around all of the cars were gone. We had to wait until Thursday to get a car, crazy huh? It turned out to be a very good idea to rent a car. We had so much stuff there is no way we could have fit on a train. We got a Toyota corolla and the trunk was stuffed full.

It was fun to spend a couple of extra days with my sister and Scott. They have a beautiful home. Congrats Karen and Scott.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

She is growing up too fast!

So as most of you know, Kylee is trying to skip crawling and go straight into walking. She gets up on all fours and sticks her butt in the air and tries to stand up. Its quite funny to watch. She has started pulling up in the bathroom when she is ready to get out, she has no fear. Tonight when we put her to bed, she fought it. She cried and cried so Jonathan went in to see what was going on. He found her standing up in the crib! She isn't even 7 months yet. So this weekend Jonathan will have to lower the bed and we will have to baby proof quickly!

Saturday, August 02, 2008


Kylee has been doing well eating solids. If she really likes the food, she tries to help you feed her. If she doesn't really like it, she plays while she eats. But I am thankful that she is pretty easy going about it. One night she decided to chow down on my hair! Enjoy the pictures!

Catching up

I got to go down to Austin earlier this week and catch up with some old friends. My mom and mother-in-law both wanted to spend some extra time with Kylee so we stayed down there most of the week. We missed Daddy, but somehow he made it. I got to see my old co-worker and her husband, Charlotte and joe/. She made us yummy veggie quasadillas and Kylee enjoyed her squash. Charlotte just got a job teaching music in AISD so we were chatting about that and it turns out that one of her schools is my old elementary, Wooten! What a small world. So we took a drive down there and I showed her a back way to go in case of traffic. It brought back a lot of old memories!

Then Tuesday I got to see one of my old high school friends, Amanda. She has two little boys. I saw her oldest one when he was first born and I had never met her youngest. Here are Zander (2 1/2) and Dalton (1 1/2). She has her hands full, don't you agree. It was so good to see her and her boys!!

On Wednesday Kylee and I headed over to another HS friend's house, Karianne. She has a precious house in Pfluggerville and she has a little girl (Kaeta, almost 3) and a little boy (Jonah-8 months). It was so good to meet them. It's weird we have talked on email and I have kept up with her blog over the years so I felt like I knew her kids even though I had never met them.

All of this visiting made me realize that I need to do a better job keeping in touch with my friends. Our HS is not having a reunion (bummer) so we are going to have a little get-together with our closest friends. That's who we want to see anyway, right?

And here is a picture of Kylee watching Baby Einstein, isn't she cute?