Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter 2010

I hope all of you had a great Easter weekend. My mom surprised me and took Kylee and Bryan back to Austin with her on Thursday afternoon. Jonathan and I had a couple of days with just Bailey. It was good to have her by herself, but I must say I missed my other kids!! Saturday Jonathan and I headed down to Austin to pick up the kids and visit some family. We made a stop by Academy to pick up an enclosure for our trampoline. We have been wanting one for a while so that it is safer for the kids. We had to shop around b/c everyone was out of them. Jonathan and Bryan worked yesterday afternoon to get it up. Kylee and I played in the new "cage", as she calls it, this morning. I wanted to take a video of her, but she zipped up the "door" and told me that I couldn't get my camera.

Cousin Kimmie with Bailey

Grandma and Grandpa w/Bailey

Cousin Emily and Bailey

Bryan helping Jonathan put the trampoline thing together.

We went to church yesterday and this was Bailey's first appearance at church. She slept all during service, but Kylee was not so laid back. She usually goes to the nursery after communion. I tried to take her, but she didn't recognize the lady in there and refused to go. I finally had to take her out to the foyer and let her run off some energy!

We headed home to have the traditional post baby meal of leftovers. We all got a nap, put the trampoline thing together and then headed up to the church to have our class Easter hunt. Bryan and Kylee had a great time. Kylee actually understood the hunting this year. She is her mama's girl. She opened each egg to check and see if it had candy in it. If it had some other snack, she would discard it! Bailey slept through the activities.

We ran home and got all the kids bathed and into bed. Bailey slept for five hours, so Mommy got 4 hours of sleep in a row, thanks baby girl.

Last week Kylee had her egg hunt at preschool. Here are some pictures from the festivities!