Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It was stinky!

Breast feeding has proved very challenging. Kylee doesn't seem to eat efficiently. I think she is still kind of weak. I am going back to the lactation consultants tomorrow to weigh her and I will see if they can give me some advice. It has been taking her close to an hour to eat. Needless to say I have been exhausted. Sometimes I pump and feed her a bottle to give myself a break.

Well anyway back to the stinky. Last night I fed her at 11:30 and she didn't really finish until 1:00! She was very fussy. So when she wanted to eat again at 2:30 I decided to give her a bottle of formula. I felt incredibly guilty for doing it, but I was too tired to feed her again. I have been surprised how emotionally exhausting breast feeding can be. I feel like I don't have what she needs, etc. So when I changed her diaper this morning, it was so stinky. Now I remember one of the reasons that really like breast feeding.

To all of you moms out there: did your babies want to be held to fall asleep and then wake up an hour or two later and want to be held while he/she slept? I was watching Bringing Home Baby today and they just put their newborns in the bed and they fell alseep. How unfair! Of course I didn't have Kylee during her first week. Maybe when they are newborns they do sleep that much? Kylee was on drugs to keep her from pulling out her IV's and oxygen during the first couple of days so she was always sleeping.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


  • We went to the lactation office and Kylee is back up to her birth weight, yea! I no longer have to supplement, which means that I can just feed her and not have to pump at the same time! They think that she is lactose intolerant so I have to cut out all dairy products from my diet. It has been really hard since I couldn't have milk for so long and I have been enjoying it since I got pregnant. But hopefully that will clear up her stomach troubles (she has been throwing up :(
  • Kylee can totally turn her head over, she is getting so big! She is also sleeping in her chair sometimes so she is not in Mom and Dad's bed every night. I think she is finally feeling more secure.
  • Bryan is playing Upward Basketball. It is a great program based on Christian principles. They have a devo at every practice and game, they don't keep score, and the referees explain what the kids do wrong when they do it. What an awesome program. He seems to be enjoying it. Big plus: they have practice one night a week and games on Saturday mornings.
  • Jonathan is still looking for another job, so please keep us in your prayers. He has filled out applications all over and the only offer has been from Alaska. We didn't take it!
  • Karen and Scott are coming up to see Kylee (they haven't gotten to hold her yet). I hope she is in a good mood and sleeps well since they will be sleeping in our living room. I hope she doesn't keep them up.
  • My mom has been coming up to help me a lot. It just feels good to have my mom around. I wish that she lived here! Thanks for all of your help mom.
  • We hope that all of you are doing well!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

A good scare

Kylee and I are still adjusting to each other. She doesn't really like to sleep anywhere except in our arms. It is sweet, but poses a problem when I want to get something done or get some sleep myself. So she doesn't really like to ride in the car unless we are going about 50 mph. I was reading some websites about babies sleeping and someone was talking about the swaddle and how they had used it in the car seat. So I tried it this morning when we went to see the lactation consultant. She was so quiet that I actually pulled over to check and make sure she was alright.

It turns out that my daughter has been starving. I had an appt. with the lactation consultants today to make sure that Kylee is gaining weight. Well she only gained 6oz. in a week and a half. She is still not back to her birth weight, and they were very concerned about the color of her stools. So I have to continue to feed her on one side for 25-30 minutes and then pump the other side and feed it to her in a bottle.

She is a different baby! She is not fussy after I feed her. She takes better naps, and they said this should help with the gas problem. Apparently the watery milk can cause gas. They said that she is probably weak and doesn't suck hard enough. We will go back next week and they will weigh her again. I'm so thankful for those wonderful ladies!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


So i thought I should finally write about something other than the baby :) Jonathan and I watched all of the past seasons of Lost over the last year so that we would be ready for the newest season that just started. We watched the first episode, but I was a little disappointed. They sure are milking the information as much as they can. I guess I'm just ready for more answers, and this show is definitely not for the impatient.

Grandma Pam (or Nonny, we're not sure what she wants to be called) kept Kylee for us on Sunday afternoon and we took Bryan out for some one-on-one time with us. We went to see the new National Treasure movie. I really liked it, even better than the first one. I think it was because I was more invested in the characters this time. Bryan enjoyed the movie and the popcorn. I cried when it was time to feed Kylee while we were in the movie. It was weird, like my body was ready and my hormones let me know. As soon as I got back I had to hold her! I guess I'm still not quite ready to leave her.