Monday, August 29, 2011

The Mess

I took the girls with me to get my van inspected the other day and we were sitting in the lobby. A lady came in and saw Bailey and was talking to her. Kylee ran over (to make sure she got some attention too) and said to the lady, "This is my sister Bailey, she is a mess." The lady and I laughed and I remembered how kids always quote you.

Bailey is very busy all of the time. She is always getting into something. We have most of our cabinets child proofed, but we are going to have to go back and do our drawers for Bailey. Her favorite drawer is the one in the end table by the couch. I have found all kinds of treasure in there: apples, bannanas, crackers just to name a few.

She also loves to throw things in the trash. The other day Jonathan went out to the garage to get another corn dog from the freezer. Bailey followed him out there and he asked her to bring the corn dog to me in the kitchen. I was washing dishes and didn't even notice that she came in. When he got back from the garage he asked me if I had his corn dog. I said no and we went and found Bailey, no corn dog with her either. We searched the house. Guess where it was: the trash can. Luckily it was one that was individually packaged and salvageable. I have to check the trash a couple of times a day to get bowls, spoons and cups out of it.

Bailey is saying a few more things, but they are pretty random and she might say them one day and not the next. I have heard her say sister, backpack, pancake, mama, dada, daddy, help, shoe and pease. She doesn't really say no yet, but she loves to shake her head no even if her real answer is yes.

She is starting to care if Kylee takes her toys so I am doing a lot more refereeing. My girls are not cuddly with each other. I have to make Kylee give Bailey a kiss when she goes to bed. But I think it is just because they are so busy. They are only snuggly with me after they get hurt, do something wrong or are tired. I am a loving mom, but they are independent kiddos I guess.

Here is a sweet video of Bailey rocking her babies. I know it is a long one, but I don't know how to edit them.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Goodnight Moon

Tonight I read an oldy but goody to Kylee, Goodnight Moon. We read this every single night until she was about 2 years old. I can't remember exactly when we let go of the tradition, but Jonathan and I still have it memorized. I remember reading it and asking Kylee to point to the different pictures that we mentioned. She would get excited about the colored pages and looked a little bored when we read the black and white ones.

Tonight I read the same book to my 3 1/2 year old. Boy was it a different experience. I recently purchased a night light that is a moon when it is time to sleep and a sun shine when it is time to get up. The idea is that it will teach your child to sleep later (or really just stay in her bed/room). Kylee has been getting up about 6 every morning and coming in our room. She lays on the floor, but never goes back to sleep. She sucks her fingers very loudly, sings and talks. I can doze, but I don't get to go back to sleep. On days that I have to go to work I am up and getting ready when she comes in and it messes with my schedule.

Anyway, back to the book. I thought it would be a good idea to read this book to her to go along with the discussion of the new nightlight. The website offered a book to read with the nightlight, but I opted to save my money on that purchase. While we were reading tonight instead of pointing and naming the pictures, Kylee was asking questions. Why is there a little house, does it belong to the mouse? What is the little old lady making? These are just small examples of how my baby is growing up. I ask her every day to stay little for me. She says, "I can't Mom I have to grow, but I love you."

Goodnight stars.
Goodnight air.
Goodnight noises everywhere.