Monday, April 13, 2009


I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter! We were afraid it would be another year where we had to have our egg hunt inside the house, but it turned out to be a beautiful day. Last year Kylee was only 3 months old so she did not participate in the whole egg hunt. We were excited to have a nice day for her first official Easter. Here are some pictures from the day. Sorry Grandmas I didn't get a really good picture of her in her dress. She wouldn't stand still so I had to hold her.

Kylee helping Bubba find his eggs

Bryan and his lute.

Kylee enjoying her chocolate. (Don't worry we only gave her one)See Kylee loves her Bubba!

After searching finding a couple of eggs, Kylee decided it was more interesting to go and play in her house. Luckily we also hid some eggs in there.

We had a great time with Bryan this weekend. He had Friday off so we had a longer visit. We surprised him when he got here with a new room! We painted the walls blue and painted his furniture black so that it would match. He didn't believe us that it was the same furniture. I will get a picture soon.

Kylee absolutely adores Bryan. She giggles at him all the time. When she got home to see him she immediately held up her arms for him to hold her. She follows him around and loves to play in the same room as him. I was very proud of him, he even let her play with his cars. He is such a great big brother. I was worried about their relationship since they have been separated, but I think they will get along well. What an answered prayer.

Please continue to remember my mom in your prayers. She has begun a lot of the preparations for radiation and is still in good spirits. A friend from school introduced her to her parents and she is staying with them in Houston. Another answered prayer.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Kylee had her first Easter egg hunt yesterday at preschool. We practiced the night before. She loved finding the eggs, and she even put them in her basket. Here is a little video.

I got to go and watch her at the preschool. Here are some pictures from the action!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Last weekend we went to visit our sisters. Kylee and I drove Jonathan to the DFW airport where he flew to St. Louis to help his sister pack. Shara has been living there for the last 6 months or so and working as a stenographer. Her company did some reorganizing and she got transferred to Ft. Worth. Yea she is back in Texas!!

We got lost going to the airport and leaving. If you have never been there, try to avoid it. I had only been to Lovefield. Plus to top it all off, we got hit while waiting in bumper to bumper traffic. We didn't have time to call the cops b/c Jonathan would have missed his plane. Luckily it wasn't a lot of damage, just a couple of small dents and scrapes. My poor car. Here are some pictures from our trip up there. Kylee had to get out of the car and we found these huge rocks at a truck stop.

Kylee and I got to Karen's house (my sister) before she got home from work. Here we are waiting on her porch with ALL of our stuff. Remember the days when you only needed a duffle bag for a weekend trip?

We got to relax on Saturday. Poor Karen had to take one of her certification tests for teaching so I helped her study a little. Then my brother-in-law, Scott, took me to the toll tag office and I now have my very own toll tag. It is very exciting that I no longer have to have cash on hand. While I was in Houston I got quite a few toll violations. I thought it was like Austin where you can not pay the toll and they will send you a bill. I found out that it is not that way. I am still waiting on my TICKET and bill. I'm kind of scared!!

We got Shara moved in on Sunday and got home around 6:30 that night. Shara's apt. is very cute and I am excited for her. Thanks for the visits sisters, we had a lot of fun!!

Here are some picture of Kylee in the bluebonnets that we found coming home.

"See Mommy this one is my favorite."

Thursday, April 02, 2009

New additions

Jonathan's parents moved into a new house and we got their old stove and fridge. The stove is a flat top and the fridge is a side by side with the little water and ice thingy. Here are our new additions.

Kylee really likes her bathing suits. She has figured out which drawer they are in and helps herself daily. I guess she likes that they are silky like her blankie. Here is a picture of her carrying them around.

I finally put one of them on her. She was trying to put it on herself and she was so excited when I helped her. I think I am going to have return it though, it is a 2T and it left little marks on her. I am still waiting for her to "slim down."

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


As most of you know, my mom had surgery about a month ago to remove a tumor in her salivary gland. The doctor seemed very confident that it was benign. The surgery went well and she was recovering nicely. She doesn't have much use of the right side of her face, but that was to be expected. The doctors said it would take a couple of months to get the feeling back.

She went for her post-op about 2 weeks ago and was told that the tumor was malignant. We were shocked. I drove down the next morning to be with her. I got to stay for two days and go to a doctor's appt. with her. I was glad I could hear from the doctor. He said that it is stage 3, but only considered so because it was so big. They are going to start radiation as soon as they can. She is "living" there in Houston for now so she can make it to all of her doctor's appts. She is staying with a very sweet friend and looking into getting into one of the hospitality houses at MD Anderson. She is in great spirits, but please keep her in your prayers.

My parents are also struggling to find a car that can make the trip back and forth to Houston. Their one working car's transmission went out. Please pray that they can find one that is reliable and reasonably priced.

Here is a picture of my mom with Kylee after the surgery. Doesn't she look great?