Monday, April 24, 2006

The Reality Has Set In

Bryan has been living with us for about 3 1/2 months now. He has adjusted really well. He has stopped his whining for the most part, he is becoming more outgoing, and seems to be happier in general. He now asks to help around the house, smiles a lot and is a lot of fun to hang out with.

But this weekend we went down to see his mom and ever since we got back he gets sad every night and says that he wants to go back and live with her. I think that the reality has set in. This isn't a temporary thing and we do have a lot more rules than Mommy did. It breaks my heart when he gets out of bed at night and says that he is sad. The only thing that I can tell him is that I don't know when he will go back and live with his mommy. I keep telling him that we want him to live with his mom too as soon as it is a good time. He keeps asking me if it will be in a couple of days or weeks. I guess he wants me to commit to a time so that he can plan on it.

Please keep him in your prayers. I know that this is a very hard and confusing time for him.


Since I have not yet learned how to put links in my blog, here is the website for the coolest new thing...Segways

They are two-wheeled gliders that sense your balance and run on batteries. You simply lean forward to go forward and backwards to backwards. I had seen people riding them at Disney World and I was amazed by them.
Karen and Scott and Jonathan and I had a double date riding these and it was a blast. Karen and I haven't really gotten to go on a real double date yet, so it was some much needed quality time.

After we rode for all of 5 minutes, we all decided that we wanted one. But since they are 5K, that is probably not going to happen. Plus, you need to have someone to ride with so it would actually end up costing 10K. So it is a pipe dream, but still a dream. Keep Austin weird!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Farm

We went to the farm last weekend and it was a little boy's heaven. Bryan had so much fun that he didn't want to leave. We went fishing, driving through the woods, hiking through the woods, got to see a dead rattler and see a baby foal (horse). Here is a picture of Bryan driving the riding lawn mower with Jonathan. Jonathan's grandpa has a picture of him and Jonathan when he was about that age too.

It was good to see his grandparents. We are worried about his Mimi. She was diagnosed with alzheimers about 5 years ago and its signs have been very minimal until recently. Mimi has started to see people in the field and in the house. She even accused Papo of walking with another lady outside. It is very sad to know what she is going through. She seemed fine while we were there, but she has good days and bad days.