Sunday, June 27, 2010

My big girls/Family game night

Today we finally made it to class! We have been sick the last couple of weeks with pink eye, a stomach bug and one week we had family in town. Kylee's friends moved up to the 2 year old class like a month ago, but she hadn't been able to make it to class yet. The way it works at our church is that they start in the nursery and move to the toddler class once they start walking. Then they stay in the toddler class until the whole group promotes in June. So even though she has been two since January, she is just now moving on up to the 2's class.

I got her ready this morning and told her that she was going to her big girl class today. She said, "Mommy I wanna go to my little class." When we got there she quickly recognized a friend and the teacher, Amy. I went in with her and got her started on a puzzle and then kind of snuck out. When she realized I was gone the tears started and poor Amy had to hold her. But Amy said she was only upset for a few minutes and then she had a great time. I am so thankful that Amy was in there. She is such a great teacher and that makes the transition so much more bearable.

The nursery will take babies as soon as Mommy is ready. Bailey has had a pretty regular nursing schedule for about a month so i finally decided it was time to take her to class too. She has no separation anxiety yet so dropping her off was easier than sister. They said she did get a little fussy towards the end, but made it through all of class. I had to go and nurse her to sleep b/c she was a little overtired by that time. Overall our first Sunday of big girl classes was a success!

We had a family game night and played Kylee's favorite, Connect Four. She said that she wanted Bailey to play too so she did.

My sister Karen got to come down for a couple of days. She brought her dog Wallace and her new puppy Cooper. Aren't they cute?

Saturday, June 26, 2010


So I guess I need to write down some of the really cute things that Kylee says:

Yesterday we were shopping in Harker Heights and I told her after we were done shopping I would take her to Chick-fil-a. She has started helping me drive by telling me which direction to go. She pointed out the window and said, "There's Chick-the-way"

I was unbuckling Kylee from the car the other day and I said, "Come on Sister." She looked at me with a very serious face and said, "Mommy I not Sister, I Kylee!"

She loves to point at us and say, "Mommy/Daddy don't tell me that!"

Earlier today Jonathan and I were talking about a show she was watching and she said, "Mommy and Daddy don't talk, shh, Bailey is sleeping."

She is really talking in sentences now. While taking a bath I told her not to do something and she said, "'Cause it's dangerous?"

Her two favorite things to say are, "Well how 'bout.." and "Actually...."

I love it when she says, "Come on Daddy/Mommy come play."

As all of my loyal readers know, Kylee favorite show is Imagination Movers. Today she has started calling it, "What's the big idea?"

Those are all that I can think of for now. I hope all of you are having a great weekend.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

We had a great Father's Day weekend. We headed down to Austin on Friday night to go to a rehearsal dinner for one of Jonathan's good friends from high school. We dropped the girls off with Nonny and Papa and headed over to Austin's Park to play and eat. The boys enjoyed the video games and riding the go carts. Then we ended the night with a game of put put. I quickly discovered that this was not my sport. I averaged 5 puts per hole! LOL! It was fun to kick back and act like kids again. What a unique place to celebrate your wedding.

Saturday morning we got up and spent some time with Jonathan's Grandfather who had come in from East Texas. Then we got the girls ready and headed to the Oasis for the wedding. For those of you who aren't from Austin, the Oasis is a beautiful restaurant that overlooks Lake Travis. Jonathan and I hadn't been there since high school and we quickly discovered that it had drastically changed. A fire had burned it down several years ago and it had a huge makeover. It had a very elegant room upstairs where the wedding and reception took place. There was a porch with the water behind it for the ceremony and great food with a live Mariachi band for the reception.

Two of Jonathan's friends from High School

Jeff and Yasmin during the ceremony!

The girls did quite well. Kylee only got one spanking and we actually got to watch the whole ceremony from the back. The reception was a little long for them so we had to leave after they cut the cake. Both of the girls were sacked out in the car and slept for a total of 2 1/2 hours after we got home. Mommy and Daddy got a nap too, so important!

Saturday night we spent more time with the family and then we go up early on Sunday to go to church. But the plan was quickly altered b/c Kylee had pink eye. We called and got an appt. for 10:30 and headed to Temple. The doc confirmed it was in fact pink eye and gave us some drops.

We were planning to take Daddy to lunch and to a movie for Father's Day, but instead we picked up Mexican food and watched a movie at home. We got another good nap in and then splurged for some Papa John's Pizza (we usually only buy Little Caesar's). Kylee painted Daddy a picture with finger paint and we gave him his cards and traditional M & M's. Kylee picked out a card that said, "From Your Son on Father's Day." I tried to convince her to pick a different one, but she insisted on this one. It ended up being a perfect card, here is what it said,

I like your funny stories,
and it's great when we play ball
I like it when you help me reach,
'cause you're so big and tall,
I like the way that you can fix
a broken bike or toy
But Daddy, know what I like best?
I like to be your boy (girl)!

Happy Father's Day
Love You

3 months

So Bailey turned three months old last Saturday and I still haven't posted about it. I can't believe she has already been here for three months, but it is also hard to remember what life was like without her.

To Bailey:
You are the happiest baby I have ever seen. You can be screaming your head off and then I come over to talk to you and you give me the biggest smile you can. You only cry when you need something. I never thought there were really babies that did that. You are definitely a scheduled baby and I love that. I feel like I can give you what you need b/c you are so predictable.

Your sister adores you and I have to remind her that it is okay for other people to love on you too. When the kids at church gather around you, she runs over and yells, "That's my Bailey!"

You love to hold your hands and anything else that you can get a hold of. Your new favorite thing to hold are your burp cloths. This is a good thing since you sure do spit up a lot. You love to play on your mat for minutes at a time. You hate being in your car seat, but sister loves to play in it. You have started to watch sister while she plays and I can't wait for all of the playing that y'all will do together in the future.

You are still sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's closet until I think Kylee can handle you waking her up at night. You don't seem to mind the closet so you will probably be in there for a while longer. You still love your swaddle even though you are getting too big for it. Daddy and I will have to figure something else out. When we put you in your swaddle, you immediately relax.

I had to get down the next size of clothes for you last night. You are growing so quickly and it makes me excited and sad at the same time. I know you will grow so fast and I am trying to treasure every moment. I love you so much Bailey and I am feel blessed to be your Mommy!