Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two instead of one

So I have been worrying about having two girls since the day that I found out I was pregnant. All of these questions were running around in my head:
-Will I be able to give both of them attention?
-Maybe we should have waited longer before getting pregnant again
-What will Kylee do while I nurse and take care of the baby?
-How will I be able to take a shower?
-Will I ever get a nap?
-Will I be able to love another child as much as I love Kylee?

Overall having a toddler and a newborn has not been as hard as I imagined. I thought that I would be completely overwhelmed. The first week it was hard, Bailey was having trouble nursing and all Kylee wanted to do was watch TV. I was tired so I let her watch way more tv than normal. Today I am going to try and limit her tv time to nursing sessions. Wish me luck!

I am very blessed b/c Bailey is such a great baby. She sleeps well (in the pink bouncy seat, not the bassinet), she is eating well and she only cries when she is hungry or has a poopy diaper. Kylee loves her very much. In fact she gets jealous when any other kid looks at her. I had to get on her at ladies Bible class today b/c she was yelling, "No my baby!!"

Kylee has been a little extra whiny, but not too bad. She still wants me to put her to bed every night, but she is coming to depend on Daddy more. I am thankful that so far I have been able to have a short nap almost every day. Kylee will pretty much go to sleep whenever I lay her down. So I just try to overlap their naps and so far it has worked. I am enjoying all of the sleeping that Bailey is doing b/c I know that it won't last!

The shower issue has been easier than I thought too. I just take one after Kylee's first morning feeding and leave Kylee in bed until I get done. Sometimes she fusses in bed, but I know it won't hurt her. I know it will get harder as Bailey has more wake time, but we will cross that bridge when we get there.

All of my friends were right. As soon as you hold the new baby, you love her as much as the other sibling. I am learning how to hold both of them at the same time and its amazing how my lap has grown a little :) I am thankful for my two beautiful girls!! And yes I know that I need to change my ticker, but I don't know how.

Please keep Bryan in your prayers. He is having a hard time with a lot of issues and needs prayers. Thanks!

My sister Karen came down this past weekend and took some newborn pictures. Bailey was two weeks old and didn't want to sleep as much as a one week old would so we didn't get as many pictures as we had hoped. But here are some sweet ones!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bailey Katherine Tome

Bailey Katherine arrived Friday, March 12th at 11:33 AM. My doctor stripped my membranes on Wednesday at my appt. and I started having contractions on Thursday about 5:30 PM. We went to labor and delivery about midnight and they admitted me. I got to 5 cm (all back labor) before my epidural and I was proud of that. Thanks to Nate my favorite anesthesiologist. Here is a picture of me with my epidural!

The delivery was going great until I reached +2 station and I had a tear that wouldn't stop bleeding so they tried to stitch it up before Bailey was out. That didn't work and they got worried that they couldn't stop the bleeding and wanted to get Bailey out so they used forceps. Needless to say I am still on pain meds, but I am very thankful that I got to have a v-bac instead of another c-section!

I had meconium (sp?) in my water so they warned me that the NICU would be examining Bailey when she was born. They came and told me that they would have to take her back to the NICU b/c she was having trouble breathing and needed some oxygen. I did get to see her and hold her hand before she left and she is beautiful. I started crying b/c this is the same think that happened with Kylee. I knew they would take good care of her and I was thankful for that.

By the time that they moved me over to my regular room, Bailey was doing better and they brought her to see me. She latched on right away and wanted to eat! Our Moms brought the kids up to see Bailey and Kylee was absolutely fascinated and wanted to hold her and do everything with her. She finally had her very own live baby doll! At one point my mom asked if she could hold Bailey and Kylee said, "No I hold her!"

We had a good first night, except for the fact that she did not want to nurse for more than 5 minutes at a time. She would scream until I would put her on my shoulder and let her go back to sleep. I just thought that maybe she wasn't very hungry or something. Saturday night my sister noticed that her lips were a little blue. The nurse came in and noticed that she was breathing pretty fast so she measure her pulse ox on her foot. Next thing I knew they were taking her to the NICU again. We went to see her late that night and I started the process of pumping.

I had to go home on Sunday morning and leave our sweet little girl there. We made it through the week visiting her in the morning and then in the evening when Jonathan got off. I tried to nurse her in the NICU, but she really like her bottle.

This was the Threads of Love outfit that Kylee wore while she was in the NICU

I was very nervous to bring her home and nurse her full-time. I so want to nurse her, but I wasn't sure that she would agree. So far she has done great. I have to use a little formula in a syringe to get her to latch on, but once she does she actually stays on. She has been nursing since we got home, but doesn't seem satisfied. So Jonathan gave her a bottle and she is out. I think she is just trying to build up my milk supply, so I know it will be a long process,but will get better.

Kylee was so excited to see her again. Our friend Jennifer met us up at the hospital and stayed in the waiting room with Kylee while we got Bailey. Someone told me that it is good to go home as a family so we wanted her to ride home in the car with Bailey. We bought balloons and a cake to make it a party, but Kylee didn't seem to want the cake. I guess we will eat it another time!!

Kylee looking at her new sister!

Bailey's first ride in the car. She didn't cry at all

Here is a video of Kylee talking to Bailey on the way home. When we got home she said, "Home, come on Bailey, let's watch Movers (Imagination Movers)." When we got in the house she held Bailey on the couch and they watched Movers together. It was adorable!!

Kylee and Bailey watching their first episode of Movers together

Bailey is eating better now. At first she didn't want to nurse b/c the bottle was so much easier. But she is learning and I know it will get better and better each day. Jonathan is off tomorrow and Tuesday Kylee will go to preschool, so Wednesday is my first day by myself with both of them. I hope we make it!!
Kylee was pumping her belly button for milk to get milk Bailey

Kylee on her way to see sister!!

Yay! Bailey was discharged.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Still Waiting

So I am 39 weeks tomorrow and Bailey is still completely comfortable I guess. I go back to the doctor tomorrow and we'll see if I have made any progress. I had a stomach bug yesterday, not fun with a huge belly. My back was killing me b/c I laid around all day. Tylenol did the trick once I felt like I could keep it down.

Bryan stole from us and lied so we have stripped him of all of his privileges. I mean everything, even his bed. He will have to work really hard to earn his things back. We felt a little harsh, but something has got to get through to him! And its amazing how clean his room stays when he has nothing in there.

Kylee is at school today and I stayed home to rest. I am feeling much better, but I don't have a lot of energy since I didn't eat yesterday. Its nice to be home without my toddler. I can really rest. I am just going to have to keep myself from doing chores.

Jonathan turns 31 tomorrow! I am going to have to go and get him a gift sometime today. I think I am going to take him out to a quick dinner before church tomorrow night. Wouldn't it be cool if Bailey would come on his birthday?

Here are some pictures of the kids and our snow day!