Saturday, October 28, 2006

Up late

So I am having trouble sleeping this week. I wake up around 3 because I have a teeny weeny bladder and then I can't go back to sleep. I just keep thinking about things. I stay awake for about an hour and then I finally get up and watch TV to get sleepy again. I keep looking over at Jonathan and I am so jealous that he is sleeping. He says that he does that to me all the time because I never have trouble falling asleep and he has a hard time getting to sleep initially. 10:30 rolls around and I am out!

So I thought that I would update my blog since I have some time on my hands. A whole lot has been going on around here, but not a whole lot that is interesting. We did carve our pumpkin on Thursday night and we had a good time. I got home in time to cook and we had chicken and pasta, crescent rolls and even a salad! After we ate both of the boys helped me clean up the kitchen and it was fun. I know you're probably thinking, how can washing dishes be fun? But everything is always more fun if people are helping.

So then we set out to carve the pumpkin. Jonathan and I haven't carved a pumpkin since we were kids and we never paid attention to the steps then, so we went on blindly. Luckily we have cutco knives and they did the job very well. Bryan loves those knives because he was here when we picked them out and I guess it feels like they are his too. We don't let him use any of them other than the spatula, but he loves to suggest that we use them for things.

Back to carving. Jonathan made the lid at the top just big enough for Bryan to stick his hands in the top, but then Bryan was scared to stick his hand in. We tried to coax him, but it was no use. So since my hand is smaller than Jonathans, I got to try. As I was sticking my hand in Bryan gave me a very wise warning, "Becca be careful in there, there are lots of weeds!" I think that he meant seeds and we had a good laugh.

Bryan did the artistic work on the pumpkin the night that we brought it home from Grandma's house (thanks for saving us a trip to Wal-Mart Mom!) We cooked the seeds and Bryan really liked them. Then we played this kid version of Crazy Eights. It was quite a hoot. It had picture cards and they were in categories, but we couldn't tell what the categories were so we would try to fit whatever card that we had. Like we would have a sock and it would need to match to a bird or something. We finally read the directions and it gave us the categories, but it was much more fun when we didn't know what we were doing. So that is really all for now. I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Family update

Jonathan, Bryan and I went down to Pflugerville to watch Brandon's game. Brandon is very athletic and plays multiple sports. We knew that he had made some sort of special basketball league and we were pretty sure that it was going on throughout the year and not just in basketball season. So it didn't seem odd to us that we were going to see a basketball game in October. We found the gym and were hoping that the game was running late b/c we were running late. Inside the gym the only game that we see going on is a girls volleyball game. So we asked the lady taking money where we could find a basketball game. She looked at us a little weird and said that she didn't know anything about a basketball game.

So we called Grandma (Mom) and asked if she was sure that this game was a Pflugerville because we couldn't find it. She informed us that it was a football game. We said that we had noticed a football game that was just starting. So we headed over there, feeling a little dumb, but glad that we had not missed the game.

The game was good even though Brandon's team did not win. He had an awesome catch, I don't know the yardage, but he did catch it from a very long distance. Nat J was wearing his San Diego Chargers football uniform and he and Bryan had a lot of fun playing football. I don't know if they watched much of the game, but they did enjoy each other. We spent a lot of money at the snack bar and I think that we visited it 4 or 5 times. Of course no one knew exactly what they wanted the first time we went. It was good to see the Nystroms and Debi. Go Brandon for his awesome catch! Thanks for inviting us Brandon.

Netflix goodbye, Blockbuster hello

Well we really like Netflix.....for a while. but lately they have been taking a long time to send us our movies back and it has been frustrating. To give credit to Netflix, the nearest distribution center is in Austin. So I know that it takes a coupl of days to get there and back, but we just weren't satisfied.

So we are going to try Blockbuster. They have the same deal as Netflix, but we also get one free in-store rental a week. So if our movie hasn't come in, we can always rent one, which is nice. We will see if we made the right choice.