Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wayback Wednesday

So i am copying my sweet friend Becky in this post!

Kylee and Bailey are getting so big! Here are some pictures of them in a similar pose when they were about 2 weeks old. Can you tell them apart?

Friday, July 16, 2010

4 months and 30 months

So both of my girls just hit milestones. I am going to do a combination post. Bailey turned 4 months last Monday and Kylee turned 2 1/2.

We'll start with Kylee:
My dear sweet Kylee,
I can hardly believe that you have gotten so big. I still remember bringing you home from the hospital and feeling so scared to have to take care of such a tiny person. You are not so tiny anymore! You weigh over 30 lbs now and you are getting so tall. You are losing your babyness and turning into a precious little girl.

Daddy and I love to hear all of the new words that you have been learning. Here are some of our favorite things that you have been saying lately:
"I can't like that!"
"That's enough talking Mommy, that's enough"
"Don't say that to me" (this is usually followed by a time-out)
"I'm happy Mom!"
You still say "I welcome" instead of "thank you"
"I need my Daddy" (this is always when you get in trouble at home with Mommy)
"Mommy its your turn to put me to bed."
"I love you Mommy/Daddy"
"Where's Bailey? Is she sleeping? I want to see her, I be shhhh."
"My ear hurts, I need my medicine" (you always say this as we are putting you to bed. You decided that in order to get your princess vitamins, your ear has to be hurting).
"I NEED A SNACK NOW" (patience is not something that you have yet)
"I need _____"
"Where's my silky?"
"I up now"
"It's not dark, I not go to bed"
"You can't get me!!" (This is your version of hide and seek. You run away and want us to come "find" you. You don't actually hide though. You wait for us to start chasing you and then you turn around and charge us!)

Your favorite things:
Silky (especially the purple one)
Baby Joey
Baby Debi
Chocolate milk
Fish crackers
Cookies (any kind)
Yogurt covered raisins
Bananas ('nanas)
Mazagines (magazines)
Play dough
All of sister's toys
Imagination Movers, Dora, Super Why, Pat Pat and Blues Clues

Things that you don't like:
Going to bed
Getting out of the bath
Having to wait to eat anything

You love birthday parties, cake, bouncy houses and friends. You think that anytime we go to the church it is for a birthday party and expect us to park by the gym. You think every birthday party MUST have a bouncy house!! I only made the mistake once of telling you that we were going to a party in a couple of days. You asked about it nonstop and thought every time we got in the car, that is where we were going.

You like to give us instructions while we are driving. "Mommy/Daddy got that way." You will argue if you think we are going the wrong way or if you disagree with the place that we are going. You have figured out how to operate the ipod and have even turned on movies when I told you no.

You love to go see Daddy at work. When we ask you where Daddy works your answers vary, "At his desk, he has a 'puter, or with tractors." If we do go to John Deere you simply must go inside and Daddy HAS to take you outside to see the tractors and maybe even give you a ride on a gator. You like to shop the lot with Daddy by going in and out of each tractor.

You love to wait "inside" (outside) for Daddy to get home from work. We go and wait on the "bich" (bench) to watch Daddy's car pull into the driveway. The highlight of his day is when he sees you and you yell, "Daddy" and run into his arms.

You are obsessed with dogs. You love Wallace, Cooper, Buster, Rylie, and Snuggles. You ask to see them all the time. When we tell you we are going to someone's house who has a dog you ask if we will get to see the dog when we get there. I am thankful that you have not figured out that we have no dog and have not asked for one. But I know that day is coming. You absolutely love animals!!

You look so huge when I go in to check on you while you are asleep. We haven't changed you to a big girl bed yet b/c you seem to be perfectly happy in your crib. We bought you a new bedspread but you won't use it. You insist on using your kitty covers.

You are definitely independent! You like to do a lot of things by yourself, but you like us to help you too. The other day you announced that you were a baby and wanted Mommy to feed you. I always oblige you when you want to be a baby. You still need lots of hugs and "hold you Mommy/Daddy." You still need books, singing and rocking to go to sleep. You ask for your rain if we forget to turn it on and you told us that Bailey needed rain in her room when we brought her home from the hospital. I am not looking forward to the day when you don't want these things anymore. I know that one day we will ask you for hugs, and you'll roll your eyes. You will soon be able to read to yourself and will think you are too old for songs. You will soon be too big to fit in our well used rocking chair. You will soon no longer need rain to block out the other sounds and find sleep. Someday soon you will have grown into a young lady and we will only have these memories of what you were like when you were little.

We love you so much and we feel honored that God blessed us with the chance to be your parents. We look forward to watching you do all the growing up you have to do. But we are trying to remember each step as you take it.

Dear Bailey,
Hi sweet girl. You are getting so big. You are 14 lbs and 25 inches. 40th percentile for height and 60th for weight.

Last night I was wishing that you would snuggle on my shoulder, but you had your own plans. You want to look around and see what is going on. You like Mommy to hold you, but on your own terms. You are just getting over your first ear infection. You have handled it like a champ. It was miserable to watch you with the sniffles and fever. You HATE your medicine. You scream the whole time that you take it. I feel bad giving it to you.

You no longer want the swaddle. We had just bought you a bigger one when you decided that you outgrew it. I went in one night to find you screaming and I pulled the swaddle off. You immediately fell asleep. I knew the swaddle was done. You want to have your hands free now so that you can chew on them. You still won't take a pacifier so you suck on Mommy's arm, shoulder and whatever else you can get in your mouth.

You still love your swing, but now want toys to play with while you're in there. You really like the little ducky that Grandma gave you. You get excited when you see it now. You enjoy watching TV with your sister and watching her run around doing all the things that you will someday.

You seem to like swimming, but it wears you out. Last time we went we got out of the pool, I put you in the carrier and started walking toward the car. You were already asleep when I looked down. You enjoy your bath too. You usually cry when I first put you in, but you are fine once I talk to you and show you a smile.

You have decided that you don't like bottles. You only want to nurse! I don't mind most of the time. I'm sure you will change your mind soon, so I'll just be patient. Uh-oh you just woke up, I better go and get you.

Sweet sisters having tummy time!
Love you,

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

4th of July Weekend

I was a bad mama and didn't get my camera out once this weekend. The girls even wore matching dresses to church so I will have to dress them up again and take a picture.

We got to bring Bryan home with us Wednesday night after I me and the girls had a short visit with my mom. Friday afternoon all of the Nystroms came up to visit (this is the family that Bryan is living with now). We ate a quick dinner of stack-ups and all of them went off to the rodeo. They said that they had a great time. Kylee asked to see the horses again all day the next day so i think they made an impression.

While they were off my sister and I went to get a pedicure! This was only my second one in my life. I took Bailey with us and she was great. She nursed part of the time and then just watched a little tv in my lap for the rest of the time. My sister and I were celebrating her birthday that was the day before. It was nice to have some much needed sister time!

Saturday we were supposed to go to the Belton parade where Jonathan drove some John Deere tractor. But I chickened out b/c there was a chance of rain. It turned out that it didn't rain and it was perfect weather, but I enjoyed taking it easy at home and staying in my pj's till lunch.

Sunday we all went to church and then had a leisurly Sunday afternoon. The Nystrom clan left about 5:30 that evening and we were left with our two girls and our sweet Bryan. We put munchkin to bed and played some games with Bryan. Miniature finally went to bed and we watched Alice in Wonderland with Bryan. I couldn't get into it so I went to my room and went to sleep.

Monday morning I went to work for a little bit and then we got all of our swimming gear on. We went over to the Lion's Junction park for some swimming time. Again i forgot my camera. Kylee loved the water! Bailey sat in the water with Daddy and she cried when he tried to take her out. I think she is going to be a water baby!

Then we headed down to Austin to see Toy Story. We weren't sure how this adventure would turn out with a munchkin and a miniature, but we decided to brave it. I thought the movie was absolutely adorable!! For those of you who have seen it, my favorite part was when Mr. Potato head became a Mr. Tortilla Head!! Kylee didn't watch the whole movie, but she did entertain herself with her silky and cow. When the movie was over and we were watching the credits she told me that I needed to come sit on the floor with her and play with a toy. She didn't have anymore toys, so she gave me the nursing wrap instead :) Don't worry we were sitting on the carpet part, not the sticky gross part. Bailey slept most of the movie. When she woke up, she nursed and then sat with Daddy and watched the movie!

We had to take Bryan home after that :( We look forward to our next visit. I hope all of you had a great July 4th weekend and maybe you remembered to take pictures :)