Friday, March 28, 2008


I hope that everyone had a great Easter! Sorry I'm just now getting around to sharing about ours. We all ended up in Austin which of course thrilled the Grandmothers. Brittney was down from the home in Stephenville and everyone really enjoyed seeing her! We have quite a large family and we have basically outgrown everyone's houses so we ended up having our Easter lunch at the church building and then we hid the eggs in the auditorium. It turns out that there are lots of really great places to hide eggs in there, it took the kids about 20 minutes to find all of them-the longest egg hunt ever!

Here are some pictures from that day.

Here are all of the egg hunters, the tall one on the right did not get to participate on account of exhaustion

Emily was a great hunter, she even bent down and looked under all of the pews, good thinking!

Here is Marj dashing to find an egg.

Here is how Kylee feels about all of it!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Kylee is definitely eating better! I took her for her 2 month check-up and she is up to 11 pounds. She has a buda belly and thick legs, she is precious. She had to get her shots and taht was not fun to watch. She slept all day afterwards and cried in her sleep. I felt so bad for her.

She has been eating every 2 hours for the past couple of days. She is going 5 hours in the night so I think she is making up for it during the day. Right before she goes to bed she eats at 6, 7:30, 8:30 and sometimes even 9. Jonathan and I usually stay home at night, we haven't had much of a social life. It is just too hard when she eats so much. But we don't mind spending extra time with her when we can.

Bryan finished basketball and had a lot of fun. I would highly recommend Upward Basketball to anyone with kids. It is a Christian program, only practices one night and week, and all of the games are on Saturday.

She was about 6 weeks here.