Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So I know that it has been forever since I have posted. I laughed a little when I checked just now and saw that the last time I posted was in December! I feel a little guilty b/c I have not documented Bailey in the same detail that I have Kylee. But it is never too late to start, right?

Bailey is 14 months old tomorrow. I can't believe how fast it has gone. She is such a joy to all of us. She is definietly independent. We went to the splash pad the other day and she just took off like she lives there. When Kylee was her age I had to hold her hand to get her to even try it out. I tried to go out and hold Bailey's hand and play with her, but she didn't want it. She wanted to do everything on her own.

That is just the kind of kid that she is. She doesn't want to be rocked to sleep, she cries for you to put her in her bed. She doesn't want you to feed her, she has to put the food in her own mouth. She doesn't care if sister wants her company, she is going to provide it! I am looking forward to this independent little darling turning into a sweet and independent little girl. I can't wait to see what lies ahead!

She is basically done nursing. This is my second day to wear a regular bra. She still wanted to nurse this morning, but only on one side and then I followed it up with a bottle. I don't think I have much milk left, but I guess I'm not quite ready to give it up even if she is.

Bailey loves to go to school and play with all of the toys. Her favorite part of the day is when she takes a walk with the other sweeties in her class. She usually gets to come by my office and I get a hug. Then she cries to get back in her stroller.

Bailey doesn't hardly eat. I usually still give her bottles of formula instead of milk b/c I am afraid she isn't getting everything she needs. She loves bottles! As soon as she sees one, she starts screeching to have it and cries the whole time that I make it. I know I am going to have to wean her to a cup some time, but she only wants her milk in a bottle. She will drink water out of a cup, but isn't interested in juice of any kind. Oh well, she doesn't need the sugar right?

Kylee is all 3! I definitely agree with everyone that says that 3 is harder than 2. She now has an opinion and can voice it. She really loves to play with friends now. In fact every morning when she wakes up she asks who is coming over today. If no one is coming over, she asks why!

Kylee loves her sister. She wants her to play in her room with her, take a bath with her and sit at her table with her. But sometimes she wants Bailey out of mommy's lap so that she can have it to herself. Sometimes she wants Daddy to only hold her when he gets home.

She also loves to eat! She will eat just about anything and everything. She immediately want breakfast when she gets up and wants a snack before bed. If I let her she would eat all day. She weighs in at about 37 lbs and is about 3 feet tall. She is trying to find ways to outsmart mom and dad everyday. She uses every excuse in the book when it is time to go to bed and loves hugs and kisses more than anything.