Thursday, January 25, 2007


Tonight I came home and did not feel like making anything special for dinner, so I pulled out a voila meal and VOILA! It actually turned out to be really good so as Jonathan was putting his bowl in the sink, he said, "It was really good babe, thanks for slaving over the stove." Bryan piked up and said, "Yea Becca thanks for sleeping on the stove." Jonathan and I laughed so hard!

On another note: We got new living room furniture today. We got a loveseat, chair and entertainment center. We had to get the loveseat because the couch was way too long and we finally decided that our living room is just really small. But it looks nice so we will be happy. Pictures to come...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I found out that I was "annoying" :(

I am posting for Scott. He sent me a text message yesterday telling me that Karen's birthday had come and gone and it was time for me to update. So here goes.

Random thoughts:
The headband! I recently rediscovered the headband, I know its from the 80's, but it is very sensible. I can simply put some mouse in my hair, throw a headband on and I'm ready to go! It did make me realize that I have a big head though. Monday I wore one all day to work and it gave me a headache because it was a little tight. I had to make a run to Wal-Mart to buy the extra large size.

Bryan is starting to expand his vocabulary. He has been using some big words. Here is an example of a recent conversation.

Setting: Becca and Emily are sitting in the living room talking about her quilt when I hear:

Bryan: (yelling from the kitchen) "Becca you are annoying me!!!"

Becca: "How am I annoying you?"

Bryan: "I have been yelling your name and you didn't even listen!"

Becca: "Oh you mean that I am ignoring you."

Bryan: "That's what I said."

Last night I got to go to a tupperware party at one of my friend's houses. So Jonathan had her husband and some other guys over. Jonathan just got a new surround sound system for Christmas. His wife really loves him. This would have been the perfect opportunity to show off his system to the guys. But unfortunetaly he had to unhook it last week because we bought a new entertainment center and we had to clear the area (Our TV is sitting on our coffee table, its a nice look). But because of ice and other complications we have still not recieved our entertainment center and it was not here for the guys night. Maybe next time. I could tell this morning when I got up that guys had been in my kitchen. Everything that they had used was left open. I'm glad that we don't have ants.

Well those are all of my random thoughts, I hope you enjoyed them!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Karen!

Today is my sister's birthday! Her blog is linked to the right if you want to check it out. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday Karen.