Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

My children all love to swim. Bryan is here this weekend and we have gotten to swim the last two nights. We do not have a pool in our neighborhood, but we have one that is really close and some great friends that will let us borrow their keys. There is a baby pool and a big pool. The first time that we took Bailey she loved the baby pool b/c she can actually stand up. But she fell over very easily  if there were any "waves." We had a floaty for her, but she didn't like it at all.

The next time we went we brought a little round donut floaty for her and she could easily walk in the baby pool and not fall over. It was perfect until she decided that she would rather climb in and out of the pool than actually swim. This presented quite a challenge with her donut. It would not let her climb out of the pool.

On one of her trips from the big pool to the little pool tonight she was wearing her floaty and Daddy was right behind her. She got to the pool faster than Daddy and tripped over her floaty donut thing. So she fell into the baby pool head first. Needless to say IT TERRIFIED HER. We quickly scooped her up and she didn't even seem to have swallowed any water. All was well except for the tears of fear. Jonathan suggested that we try to get her to get back in the water so that she wouldn't be scared next time. I told him that I thought it might be a good idea for her to be a little more scared than she was this time at the pool. One time she was trying to back into the big pool. I had to jump in front of her so that I could catch her before she jumped in!

Kylee loved the pool too. She is at such a fun age, but I haven't really gotten to play with her much because I am having to wrangle Bailey. She enjoys jumping in from the side and trying to swim while kicking her legs. I would love to enroll her in swimming lessons, but I think we will have to wait until next summer. We were having some swimming time together and her conversation made me quickly realize how much I have been working on VBS. She said, "Come on Mommy let's swim to VBS." I said, "Where is VBS." Kylee: "Oh its over here by the steps." Me: "What are you going to learn about at VBS?" Kylee: "Swimming lessons!" I guess we still have a ways to go LOL!

Hope all of you are doing well!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pajama Day

We were out of town for almost a week and we just got back yesterday afternoon. We got to go down to Austin and visit Jonathan's sister and parents and then we got to see one of my nieces graduate from High School! Way to go Kim! After the graduation we loaded back up in the car and headed north to go visit my sister and her husband in DFW area.

Since Jonathan is still without a job, he happened to have some time off at the same time as me. Karen's husband Scott also had the week off, so they quickly got started on a manly project. They built a new floor for their shed and Jonathan constructed a pretty cool ramp. I always love to see my man in his tool belt :)

One of the girls favorite things about Karen and Scott's house are their dogs. They have two and also have to kennels. The girls loved to climb in those things. Kylee was trying to lock Bailey in and I looked up to find both of them in the kennel together. So cute. Please don't call CPS, they were only in there for a minute.

It was nice to get away and think about something other than the fact that Jonathan lost his job. Coming back to reality was not fun, but I thought we would just have a pajama day to catch up on our energy. We ended up meeting my mom and dad for breakfast/lunch at IHop and then we headed over to a little water park here in Temple. The kids had a blast and Kylee threw a fit when it was time to leave. I literally had to carry her out. Of course I took no pictures, you know how I am, but I will record some memories. Kylee was very scared to go under the mushroom that poured water on your head, but she kept calling it the cupcake. Bailey enjoyed the lazy river in her little hippo floaty. She nearly fell asleep while floating!

Kylee has always loved to watch tv. She is truly her daddy's daughter. She loved to watch shows like Imagination Movers, Little Einstein's (Pat Pat) and other various 20 minute kids shows. Needless to say I got really tired of these. We tried watching movies with her, but she would have have nothing to do with it. She would watch for about two minutes and then beg to watch a "show." But I finally found a movie that she loved, the Barbie Fairy Princess Movie. I don't honestly know what it is actually called, but that is what she calls it. JOnathan and I aren't really into the ideas that Barbie puts out, but the movies are pretty cute. The first day that we had the movie, she watched it 3 times!

So we now have a handful of movies that she will sit through. One of which is Tangled. Cute movie. Today Jonathan and I were quoting some lines from the movie while riding in the van. Kylee piped up from the backseat and said, "You broke my smolder!" She is so witty.

Bailey is quite active now and wants to do everything sister does. She steals her silkies from her and now she throws a fit when Kylee takes them back. She also wants to play with all of the same toys that Kylee is playing with when Kylee is playing with them. The cutest thing happened today while we were waiting to pay at IHop. Kylee grabbed Bailey's hands and played Ring Around the Rosies with her. It was so P R E C I O U S!! Those are the kind so of moments that  I hope I can remember forever bc of course I didn't get it on tape.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Our Other Life

The girls have been down in Austin with the Grandparents for the last two days and Jonathan and I have gotten to remember what it was like to have a life outside of the kids. We went out to dinner on Thursday night at Deadfish Grill next to the lake. It was a lot of fun. We splurged since we have been very frugal since he lost his job. We thought we deserved it! We were going to see a movie after wards, but we decided to head home and rent a movie instead. We ended up watching the last few episodes of Glee and going to bed early (I know we are so old!)

Yesterday we took J to the doctor to get an rx refill before our insurance runs out and then ran a bunch of errands. One of which was to go by and sign our application for private health insurance. It turns out that they can still deny you health insurance for preexisting conditions until 2014. Hopefully they will take us. It is looking like the kids will qualify for chip since we had a huge slash in our income. That will help until Jonathan finds a job. I really want them to have insurance more than us!

We are going to head down to Austin this morning to rescue our moms! Then we are going to my niece's graduation on Sunday so we will just stay in Austin land. I think we are going to head up to Dallas to see my sister and her husband after that. He happens to have the week off and Karen is done with school. We will probably never all be off like this again so we are going to get some major hanging out time in. Jonathan is really enjoying being without the kids bc he said we should head to Dallas without them. I had to remind him that they are our kids and don't belong to our mamas!

I do miss them a lot. But it was nice to remember that we are Jonathan and Rebecca and not just a Mommy and Daddy!