Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stomach bug (again)

Well the bug is back. This time it has invaded tiny Kylee's little body :( She has been battling a bad cold for over a week so when I found her in her bed yesterday afternoon covered in yuck, I just thought that she had coughed too hard. We took her to the doctor after that b/c I wanted to make sure the cold hadn't turned into anything else. The doctor said that it was still just a cold (sigh). Don't you always feel dumb when they say that? Kylee had been extra fussy and pulling on her ear so I thought for sure that she had another infection.

Kylee got up and ate breakfast this morning and was ready to go grocery shopping. So we left and headed to HEB. I started out by the produce, we got strawberries, blueberries, lettuce, onions, bananas and as I was looking at the yummy lemon cakes, it happened. She threw up all over HEB. This is one of those situations where you think, "Okay now what?" She was covered in yuck and wanted it off. I motioned to a nice HEB worker and told him what had happened. He looked less than thrilled and called a code 55 over the intercom. He brought me some paper towels and I tried to clean up a little. I stripped Kylee and then a nice man came with his mop and said that he would take care of it. I offered to pay for the few groceries I had gotten and said not to worry about it. So we left with a sick little girl and no groceries.

Jonathan headed down to Houston this afternoon so I had the challenge of getting some essentials without a Daddy. This grocery trip was going to do some major restocking, I mean we didn't even have bread! So after we got home and I gave her a bath and put some clean clothes on I grabbed Bryan and we headed to Walgreens to pick up a few groceries for the weekend. Bryan stayed in the car with her while she watched an episode of Imagination Movers. Thank goodness for my 10 year old!

So has anyone else ever had a public bout with the yuckies?

Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween!! Wednesday night I took Kylee to the Funival at our church. Bryan lost his privilege to go so Jonathan had to stay home with him. We said hello to all of our friends and ate a little candy, it was a lot of fun.

Getting ready to party :)

Kylee with her friends Hannah and Ava

Kylee with her friends Benjamin and Jonathan.

You can tell how excited Kylee was about this event.

Kylee found this spot as we were leaving. She thought it would be a great photo opportunity. She sat down and said, "Cheese."

Thursday we went trick-or-treating at preschool. Kylee was very possessive and would not let me play with any of the other kids or let go of her hand.

Friday night we went to a party at our church with our friends from class. There were 21 kids in all there plus we were missing some!!

Kylee jumping in the bounce house. Thanks to Holly for sharing it with us!

Kylee playing Ring Around the Rosies with Gracyn's Nonny!

Thanks to our friend Becky for such a fun party!!!

Saturday night Bubba (Batman) and Kylee (Batgirl) were finally reunited.

Grandma got to come down to join the fun!

Just for fun here is a picture of Kylee last year. My how she has grown.

We hope that all of you enjoyed your Halloween!!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Prayer of a young child

We have been working on praying with Kylee. She always chimes in at every meal and says, "Amen!!" Today at church she said "Amen" even before the prayer was over. Ahhh

Tonight after I sang to her we said a prayer. I just try to get her to echo me. It went like this:

Mommy: "Dear God"
Kylee: "God"
Mommy: "I love you"
Kylee: "Luv u"
Mommy: "Mommy"
Kylee: "Mommy"
Mommy: "Daddy"
Kylee: "Daddy and Bubba?"
Mommy: "In Jesus name"
Kylee: "AMEN!!"