Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Say What?

The girls said some really cute things today:
Age 4:
Kylee: "Mommy every time I take a drink it goes down my stroke."
Me: "What you didn't have a stroke?"
Kylee: "You know it goes down my stroke and into my tummy."
Me: "Oh you mean your throat?"
Kylee: "Yeah that's what I said, my stroke!
We are keeping my sister's dogs for a week. Bailey often follows them around and repeats what she hears us saying to them. She loves to throw the ball and have Wallace bring it back. When she throws it she says, "catch!" I have never heard her say that before. She also hears us tell the dogs to hush when they start barking so now she goes around and tells them to "ush." Too cute

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