Saturday, June 16, 2012

2 years

So it has been over a month since Bailey turned two, but what the hey at least there will be a post, right? We had an Elmo party for Bailey, or as she calls him, "Melmo!" We decided to just do a family party this year with all that we had going on. It was a great success. Bailey is still a super picky eater so I had a hard time deciding what to serve at this dinner party. The one thing that she always likes is oatmeal. So we had an oatmeal bar. There were all kinds of topping to put on your oatmeal and bacon and toast on the side. Everyone thought that it was a little unusual, but definitely made it work.

Bailey loved the icing on her cake! I went the easy way and made cupcakes with Elmo pictures. Nonny and Papa paid for us to take the kids to see Elmo Live the week before her birthday, and both girls really loved that!

Bailey is talking so much! We just recently had our Easter hunt and she was hilarious! Every time she picked up an egg, the following dialogue came: "I got it, I shake it, I drop it." She is too cute. She likes to repeat everything that big sister says now even if she doesn't understand what it means. She definitely gets easily frustrated when we don't understand her and we are trying to work through that so that her terrible twos are not quite so terrible!

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