Saturday, December 24, 2011

Too long!

I feel bad that I have made only a handful of posts in Bailey's life. So I need to update about her. She is 21 month old now and has such a sweet personality. She still like to snuggle every morning when she gets up and lots of times throughout the day. She is definitely a Mama's girl. She probably says Mama and Mommy about a thousand times a day. While I know it drives me crazy now, I will long for her sweet little voice in days to come.

Bailey likes to do everything that her older sister does. She loves to play with markers, paints and anything else that you wouldn't normally let a 21 month old play with. But it is hard when you have an older sister that is doing so many fun activities. She has only drawn on the couch twice :)

She is talking a lot. Her favorite words are no, uh-huh, juice (which is odd since she doesn't drink any juice), dister, dog-dog, pat-pat (movie), mine, and banket. She can say a lot more and we are amazed at the things she comes up with everyday. She always has a blanket in her hands, but isn't particular to a certain one. It just has to have a soft and silky side.

She likes to impress us with her tricks and say "ta-da." She has always been a great sleeper and we are so thankful. She goes to bed at 7 every night and sleeps until 6:45. She only wakes up if she is teething or has an ear infection. She is just starting to notice that others stay up later than her and she might miss something. But if we take her in the other room and read her a couple of books and sing some songs she is usually okay.

Bailey is still very small. She is in the 5th percentile in height and weight. We still give her formula once a day because she just doesn't eat very many different things. She loves her formula and cries when you give her plain milk. She has a big belly so we don't fear that she isn't getting enough calories. I do feel that I treat her a little bit more like a baby than an almost 2 year old because she is so tiny.

She also has the sweetest disposition. It is really hard to get upset with her because you know that her intentions are sweet. Well most of the time...she likes to run in the street, color on anything except paper, pull Mommy's earrings, and scream when she doesn't get her way.

Bailey likes to entertain us with such games as peek-a-book, pronounced "peek-boo," run away from Mommy and Daddy and giggle and act like she doesn't want to be tickled, but always comes back for more.

I am still waiting for her hair to grow out. I can only put it in a whale spout on top of her head. Bryan calls it a pole lol! She has started telling us when she has pooped. Sometimes she tells us that she pooped when she has peed, but at least she knows that there is something going on down there. Today I ignored her and paid for it! She told me she pooped and then I got distracted and forgot all about it. The next thing I knew there was poop on the floor that had come through her pants. It was GROSS! Lots of wipes and a bath later we were better.

Kylee will be 4 in just a couple of weeks and I must say that 3 has been very difficult. She is still trying to figure out what she can get away with, but is so sensitive that any kind of scolding really sends her into a mess. She always thinks that we are mad at her if she gets in trouble and is constantly apologizing. We of course assure her that we are not mad, but that it is our job to make sure that she learns how to behave etc. I think she gets her sensitivity from her Daddy and that is something that I love about both of them.

She is really into cutting everything up. I know that it is good for her fine motor skills to practice this skill, but I get really tired of picking up all of the pieces. Plus she thinks that everything that she cuts is very special! Luckily when she gets up in the morning she doesn't remember these special pieces and doesn't notice that I have thrown them away.

Kylee is really into cooking with me. She loves to pull a chair up next to me when I am doing anything in the kitchen. Her favorite is washing the dishes, but now that we got new floors that don't do really well with lots of water, I have to watch her carefully. She really loves anything with water. She would take 4 baths a day if I would let her. Sometimes I let her take a bath so that I can get stuff done :)

Kylee is very protective of me. If Jonathan and I get in a disagreement she quickly tells Daddy to leave me alone. It is cute, but can get on Daddy's nerves fast. She is protective of her sister too. Sometimes she will randomly knock her down, but she won't let anyone else do it to her.

She comes up with some really cute sayings. Her most recent one is, "You're breaking my heart!" She recently said this to Nonny and Papa when they decided to go home instead of spending the night with us. She also likes to tell us how crazy we are.

I love both of my girls and they are growing up way too fast. I am scared to have a third because I am afraid the days will go by even quicker.

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Shyla said...

Thanks for the update! I'm glad your girls are doing so well! Merry Christmas!!